A little about me...


     In 2004 I got my first taste of the film industry and fell in love with it. I had already been working as a graphic and web designer, and then this whole new medium grasped me. This led to me bringing film and video production into my company.

     Since then I've continued to working in design and in marketing, I love being able to develop, create, and mold how an artist, company, or product is presented and perceived by an audience and consumer.


     My passion on the film side is with light and the lens. I love being behind the camera and painting the picture with light and shadows. I've worked on commercials, music videos, documentaries, reality TV shows and short & feature length narratives.


    I recently went back to college and graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor's degree in film.


I am actively freelancing, with the intentions of moving into teaching film.



Thanks for reading!


- Brian Bertrand